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Samuel H. Fitzhugh

Indulge in the luxury of serenity and romance in this French inspired room featuring a stately king size Victorian black and gold four poster bed. The room is adorned with roses and tied together using shades of red, deep plush pink, sage, and creamy whites.  Lush red silk drapes and carpeting fill out the room for that complete Victorian experience. Large corner windows along the south side of the house offer views of side a rear garden. The room features 12 foot ceilings with overhead fan, air conditioning for the warmer summer weather and black-out drapes for a restful nights’ sleep.  All guest rooms include cable TV/Roku, complimentary Wi-Fi and universal charging station for your convenience.  


The Fitzhugh room is complete with a large en suite step-down bathroom complete with a bathtub and shower, vanity equipped with luxury toiletries, plush towels and hair dryer.

Room Rate $199.00 per night

History behind the name

Judge Samuel H. Fitzhugh was born at the Hive, Washington County, Maryland, on February 22, 1796.  After a thorough preparation, he was admitted into Jefferson College, Pennsylvania.  In June, 1816, Mr. Fitzhugh graduated. After leaving college, he became a resident of Canandaigua. While there, he was invited by the late Judge Howell to enter his office as a student at law. The invitation was accepted, and Mr. Fitzhugh commenced his legal studies. Sometime after this, Judge Howell formed a co-partnership with the late John Gregg. Mr. Fitzhugh continued with these gentlemen until October, 1819, when he was called to the bar. Immediately after receiving his license to practice, he moved to Wheeling, Virginia, where he opened an office, and entered on the duties of his profession. His success as a lawyer was flattering, and be soon gained a very respectable position at the Pennsylvania bar.

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